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Italy is known the world over for its rich history of art, fashion, music, romance and the performance of hair color. Renown for vibrancy, shine, and rich lustrous results, ColorDesign™ Ceramide  technology leaves the hair feeling silkier and in better condition then prior to coloring.

ColorDesign offers the Stylist the option of either Opaque or Translucent results based on the needs of their client. ColorDesign produces (46) shades of 100% ammonia-free Tone-on-Tone color with two buffered developers (7&13 Volume). ColorDesign Permanent Creme Hair Color is available in (134) shades with four buffering developers (10, 20, 30, 40 Volume).

When you need more than 5 levels of lightening, ColorDesign™ Shiny Blond clay based creme lighter is the perfect tool for the job. For up to 7 levels of controlled lightening, ColorDesign produces three, 100% dust & Ammonia-free silk protein enhanced Powder Lightners (white, blue and violet).

ColorDesign™ FUN&GLAM direct dye collection is available in (11) vibrant fashion colors including Clear which allows the colorist to create customized colors including pastels.

Finally, our Reconstructing Shampoo, Oil and Mask treatments improve the strength of the hair from the inside out creating stunning results.



ColorDesign™s story began over 20 years ago when Giovanni Mogni™s vision for a new kind of Italian hair color was born with the formation of his global company. Signore Mogni wanted to create a hair color with the coolest blondes, the most superior grey coverage and an easy to understand system. With the development of the revolutionary molecular conditioner Ceramide Signore Mognia™s vision was complete and the global brand ColorDesign was born.

Our state of the art factories are 100% computerized and robotic. No human hand ever touches a tube of hair color from start to finish which allows for consistent product with zero variation from tube to tube.

ColorDesign is now sold in over 35 countries world-wide and has seen a significant increase in the number of U.S. salons choosing ColorDesign over other recognized brands (based on performance and cost). We invite you to consider trying ColorDesign in your salon and and see the results for your self.



Our goal at ColorDesign is to empower your creativity, offer unrivaled support and to forge deep relationships with our customers. We truly believe that our future is directly tied to yours.

We know that transitioning to another color brand may seem daunting, but we pledge to do whatever it takes to ensure the smoothest transition possible and to provide you with superlative service. Our talented education team is dedicated to helping stylists and salons become familiar with all of our products so that you can unleash your creativity and deliver amazing results to your clients.

We’re a family company – not a mega color company that doesn’t care. If you have any questions or comments then please give us a call. We would love to speak with you. Your success is our success and together the future is bright and colorful.