ColorDesign Artists:
Luis Alcocer & Amber Hope Robertson



Step-by-Step: Toffee

Our inspiration came from the warm, rich tones of toffee, caramel, and chocolate. We utilized cool tones to control excessive underlying warmth, without cancelling them out completely. The remaining warmth was perfect and controlled shine and light reflection for this model’s hair texture and skin tone. Yummy!


Shampoo the hair using ColorDesign Shampoo, followed by Reconstruction Oil and Mask to pre-condition the hair. Working with damp hair, section the hair in 4 quadrants-center part from forehead to nape and vertically from top of the ears.


Beginning in the nape, take 1/2 inch diagonal back partings. Apply Formula 1 one inch off of the base, from mid-shaft to ends in medium saturation for a controlled lift.

Once back is completed, proceed to the front, working in diagonal back partings working from bottom to top. Continue applying 1 inch off of the base, but now in heavy saturation for maximum lift.


Once hair has lifted to a level 6 red orange, shampoo and follow with ColorDesign Reconstruction Oil and Mask.


Working in the same diagonal back partings as before, apply Formula 2 to the remaining natural base. Melt Formula 3 on the mid shaft, and Formula 4 on the ends. Process for 20 minutes. Shampoo hair with ColorDesign Reconstruction Shampoo, Oil and Mask.

  • FORMULA 1: (90g) SHINY BLOND + (135g) 7 Volume Developer
  • FORMULA 2: (30g) 4/2 + (30g) 4.01 + (90g) 20 Volume Developer
  • FORMULA 3: (30g) 6.01 + (45g) 20 Volume Developer
  • FORMULA 4: (15g) Light Grey + (15g) 1SV + (60g) 20 Volume Developer