Terrarium Gold
Terrarium Gold
Terrarium Gold

ColorDesign Artists:
Jean Lyons & Cindy Cruz

Terrarium Gold

Step-by-Step: Terrarium Gold

When we think of spring we think of a new beginnings. When we think of summer it’s warmth & light. The inspiration was easy when we saw our model. From her amazing green eyes to her perfect warm complexion – we knew what had to be done. We decided to embrace the new color trends for 2019 and go with a “Muted Copper” knowing that it would work great with her “moss eyes” and the oranges and yellow clothing that will hit this spring. This year muted tones are going big, but she still needed to embrace some of that warmth, so she got the best of both.


Clarify the hair twice with ABBA® Detox Shampoo. Apply ColorDesign® Reconstruction Oil and leave on the hair for 5 minutes and then rinse and towel dry.


Comb out the hair and section into 4 quadrants. Apply formula 1 to damp hair, only at the new growth. 2”-4” shadow base around the hairline using diagonal back partings and continue around the rest of the head using diagonal back and diagonal forward subsections 4” down the shadow base.


While processing, apply Formula 2 to the already damp hair using a Balayage technique through the mid-shaft and ends on the previously lightened hair. This is done to slightly shift the previously lighten ends. Then process for 45 minutes.


After 45 minutes of processing time, rinse the root color off being careful not to get the color on the mid-shafts or ends. Shampoo the hair with ColorDesign® Reconstruction shampoo, oil and Mask. Dry hair 100%.


On dry hair, apply Formula 3 for added shine and brightness. Allow 20 minutes to process. Then shampoo using ColorDesign® Reconstruction Shampoo, Oil and Mask and style as desired.

  • FORMULA 1: (20g) ColorDesign® 5.0 Permanent Color for grey coverage + (10g) ColorDesign® 5.77 Permanent Color + (5g) ColorDesign® 5.4 Permanent Color + (5g) ColorDesign® Green Corrector = (20g) ColorDesign® 20 Volume Developer
  • FORMULA 2: (80g) ColorDesign® Permanent Clear + (120g) ColorDesign® 30 Volume Developer
  • FORMULA 3: (120g) ColorDesign® Fun&Glam Clear + (3g) ColorDesign® Fun&Glam Explosive Yellow + (3g)