Princess Blue
Princess Blue
Princess Blue

ColorDesign Artists:
Steve DiMarchi & Andrew Berry

Princess Blue

Princess Blue

Step-by-Step: Princess Blue

When we picked the colors for our look we started to look for the colors in nature . What we came up with was the idea of an upside down flower in particular the bird of paradise. So our inspiration for our look was literally a flower.


Always take before picture of your model. That way you can enjoy the transformation forever.


Pre-lighten hair using (30g) ColorDesign White Powder Lightener plus (45g) 20 Volume Developer on new growth and (30g) ColorsDesign White Powder Lightener plus (45g) 10 Volume Developer on ends. We let that process for 45 minutes and then shampooed the hair.


We Toned the hair using 20g permanent clear corrector ,10g 1sv, 5g light gray, and 3g 1sg with equal parts 7 vol. We let that process for 20 minutes. Then shampoo hair.


We applied a shadow base from the scalp 1 inch out using (5g) 1.10, (5g) 1.2 and (10g) permanent Clear Corrector and (20g) 10 Volume Developer. Let process for 25 minutes. Then pull our shadow base color out another 1/2 inch and let process for 5 minutes. Apply ColorsDesign Reconstructing Mask to the ends of the hair to ensure that our shadow base color will not affect our blond ends. Then shampoo hair.


Then we took a horseshoe shaped section starting at the recession area, isolating that section off. Below that section we took an extreme zig-zag section around the head to create elongated upside down triangles. The section below that will be right side up triangles take that hair and isolate it.

We colored our upside down triangles using (15g) 9.3, 10g 9.4 and (25g) 10 Volume Developer then we added (5g) Yellow Corrector. Let process for 30 minutes. Rinse those triangle sections. Then shampoo and style.