ColorDesign Artists:
Adel Shaw & Anthony DeFalco



Step-by-Step: PEACOCK


Picture a royal garden with a singular pink peacock walking through it. Everyday she nests in a gathering of jester red poppy flowers and sets a striking contrast to the environment around her. Once a day the peacock is lured out by a sultan king with a treat of toffee. It’s a playful scene that gave vision to our color selection and we love the result and hope that you do too.


Our “peacock” had virgin level 5 hair. We sectioned her hair in 3 triangles, one on each front quadrant and one off-set triangle in the center back,and lightened with ColorDesign SHINY BLOND (30g) and (45g) 20 Volume Developer mixed 1:1.5.

We then combined a second mixture of ColorDesign Permanent #7.32 (30g) plus (45g) 20 Volume Developer mixed @ 1:1.5 ratio and applied to the remaining hair and processed 45 minutes. We shampooed with ColorDesign Reconstruction Shampoo and then dried the hair .


In each of the previous lightened triangles we took 1/2” diagonal back subsections and applied alternating applications of Formulas 1 & 2 as listed below.


Rinse each section separately to avoid color transfer and then apply ColorDesign Reconstruction Mask.

  • FORMULA 1: ColorDesign Permanent (30g) 6.66 + (30g) 10 volume developer
  • FORMULA 2: ColorDesign Permanent (10g) 7.62 + (10g) 1SV + (10g) Clear + (1g) 1SG + (31g) 10 Volume developer