ColorDesign Artists:
Jackie Heredia



Step-by-Step: Granite

The cool crisp transition from summer to fall. Cold foggy mornings on the countryside driving through roads full of fall foliage that had just fallen off the trees with granite tone hues and just that hint of warmth blending through wherever the sun had shined upon it. The never ending fields and the aged cabins that reflect the slight hints of mahogany.


Section out triangle at top of the head (adjust the triangle based off client’s part). I started the front point of my triangle off her center part about 1/2” to leave some area for custom “money piece”.


Section off the back of head down the middle. Take slice diagonal back from bottom of right ear to neck hair line. Paint that slice with lightener. Weave section directly underneath and paint with formula 1. Repeat step 2 above but now on the left side of the head.


Section horizontal slice from bottom of ear-to-ear. Using the same coloring technique and pattern from Step 2 and 3. After this it should look to you like an outlined a triangle. Repeat steps 2-4 starting another section above the ear. Eventually you will make your way up to the back section of the triangle from the top of the head.


At the front of hairline (“MONEY PIECE”) weave back-to- back foils painting with Formula 1. After a couple foils around hairline, slice a diagonal back section painting with Formula 1 and weaving a section underneath painting with Formula 2.


Slice a horizontal slice right above previous section and repeat color pattern from step 2 and 3 until you get to the triangle.Repeat on opposite side of head until you are left with the top triangle.


Starting from the back right of triangle slice section 1 inch in from triangle from ear to back of triangle using the same coloring pattern from step 2 and 3.(Refer to Head sheet)


Pivot about another 1/2 inch from end of previous slice.Section out another slice to front of head following the triangle pattern. Repeating the same slice and weave color pattern. Each section you will pivot in following triangular pattern until you eventually are left with a small “square”/section in the middle of the triangle which you will leave out to color.(Refer to headsheet for visual content of sectioning and pinchweel direction.


Everything outside of the foils will be colored with Formula 3.

Process Color for 35-40 min. Shampoo twice with Color Design Shampoo. Spray with reconstruction oil. Tone highlights with formula 4. Shampoo twice, spray recon oil and mask on top. Then rinse and style.

  • FORMULA 1: (30g) SHINY BLOND + (45g) 20 Volume Developer
  • FORMULA 2: (25g) 6.34 + (5g) 5.77 +( 30g) 10 Volume Developer
  • FORMULA 3: (60g) 4.23 + (20g) 5.01 + (10g) 5/2+ (90g) 10 vol
  • FORMULA 4: (20g) 8.32 Ammonia Free Color + (20g) 9.32 Ammonia Free Color + (40g) 7 Volume Developer