ColorDesign Artists:
Janessa Berry & Andrew Madvin



Step-by-Step: Fiesta

When we saw the color “Fiesta” we couldn’t resist. Everyone knows that the word fiesta means “party” or “festival” in Spanish and that is exactly what we wanted our model’s hair to be connected to. We also thought of how bright flowers and summer sunsets warm everyone after a cold winter. Our model loves going to live shows and festivals so everything came together perfectly. Utilizing all three tones we created an amazing look that she can wear confidently no matter what fiesta she is attending.


Take a before pic! Then start on level 8 pre-lightened hair.


Utilizing diagonal back partings, apply shadow base (Formula 1) to the entire head using ColorDesign’s elevation technique to soften any lines of demarcation. Process for 35 minutes. Shampoo with ColorDesign Reconstruction Shampoo. Apply ColorDesign Reconstruction Oil for 5 minutes. Dry hair 100%.


Again, utilizing the diagonal back section, starting at the nape, create a dimensional color-melt alternating formulas throughout the head.


Rinse each foil individually. Be sure to rinse throughly to prevent any color transfer. Apply ColorDesign Reconstruction Mask for 5 minutes. Style as desired.

  • FORMULA 1: (30g) 5.01 Permanent Color + (45g) 10 Volume Developer
  • FORMULA 2 – FIESTA: (25g) ColorDesign Fun&Glam Candy Pink + (5g) ColorDesign Fun&Glam Wild Bordeaux
  • FORMULA 3 – ASPEN GOLD: (35g) ColorDesign Fun&Glam Explosive Yellow + (5g) ColorDesign Fun&Glam Fresh Orange
  • FORMULA 4 – LIVING CORAL: (60g) ColorDesign Fun&Glam Clear Gloss + (5g) ColorDesign Fun&Glam Fresh Orange + (5g) ColorDesign Fun&Glam Extreme Red + (5g) ColorDesign Fun&Glam White Diamond + (5g) ColorDesign Fun&Glam Candy Pink